5 Metal Fabrication Photos That Sum Up What We Love About Working Here

5 Metal Fabrication Photos That Sum Up What We Love About Working Here

Under the Laser Precision roof, world-class metal parts are designed, made, tested and delivered on time. This includes metal fabrication like laser cutting, forming, machining, welding, assembly and finishing, plus full on-site powder coating capability. 

With that much going in, it was next to impossible to choose only five photos for this story. But we made it happen. Here’s a sampling of images from our facility that starts to show the range and versatility we have for anyone who needs world-class metal fabrication, delivered right on time.

1. Laser Cutting

We recently upgraded our laser cutting department, adding a couple new fiber lasers to the floor. They’ve performed even better than our high expectations, and parts are flying to the next phase with higher quality and in less time

2. Robot Welding

Automation has inserted itself into modern manufacturing with fitting speed, and we’re no stranger to the perks it brings. Our robot welding equipment can mimic the expertise of human welders, and it frees our existing staff up to focus on other projects.

3. Human Welding

We won’t lie to you; we just love welding photography enough to include it twice.  We have a deep roster of versatile and experienced human welders, and their skills will always be needed no matter how much we automate in the future.

4. Inspection

We make over 30,000 shipments per year, and these deliveries are filled with the parts our customers need. If one of those parts is off in any way, it doesn’t make the trip.

5. Powder Coating

If we notice an inefficiency that is wasting time, we correct it. When our parts were taking too long for outsourced powder coating, we made the obvious choice: construct an in-house powder coating department. Better control over quality, and a whole lot of time savings for our customers.

Need a manufacturing partner you can set your watch to? Talk to Laser Precision.

From our Libertyville, Illinois facility, we do all of the above and so much more: machining, forming, assembly and finishing to name a few.

Talk to us about the parts you need and when you need them. Chances are we’ll be able to deliver like few others can.