Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturing pro or you have no

experience at all, Laser Precision is always hiring the talented, curious

and driven.

Work at Laser Precision

Laser Precision is a world-class manufacturing facility in Libertyville, Illinois. We’ve gotten to

this point in large part because of our people, who come to work every day ready to produce great parts and delight our customers.


We hire our staff based on their knowledge, team spirit, curiosity, work ethic and willingness to learn. Our extensive on-the-job training means we’re happy to hire someone with no previous experience if we think they’re a great fit.


The people we hire stay at Laser Precision for years and years because of our healthy culture, satisfying work and impressive benefits. We pride ourselves on being a spot you can build a career to be proud of.

JOB Benefits:

In exchange for the work they do, every Laser Precision employee receives healthy compensation and a long list of benefits—as well as perks that very few other businesses provide.

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What It's Like To Work Here

We asked our employees what they think someone like you should know about working here. These are some of their responses.

I have been with Laser Precision for 16 years, and it has been an excellent experience! My daily approach is to work with a positive attitude with my team. The work flows much smoother when I do. Our company has been growing a lot in the past four years, and I’m proud of the work that we produce here. We have a close-knit team that’s always helping each other to do better every day.

I found my spark in life when I became a welder. Every day, I’m one of the first ones to get to work, ready to start my day and get those sparks flying. Laser Precision challenges my skills as a welder and I perfect them.

I started at Laser Precision simply because I was looking for a place to work, but I found much more than that: opportunities, challenges and achievements. That’s why I’m still here. Every new day here is better than the last.

Perla Pedroza

Your new career starts here.