Powder Coating

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Powder Coating

Thorough Pre-Treatment for Your Toughest Jobs.

Our specialized in-house 7-stage powder coating system was designed to deliver an unbeatable product pre-treatment for a superior end product. Plus, our dual coat powder system allows both gel and topcoat to be applied at once, greatly reducing production time.


This environmentally friendly system creates a strong, hardened finish that’s tougher than conventional paint meeting the strictest of anti-corrosion standards, all while reducing imperfections in the finished part

1. Pre-treatment

Parts are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for coating using an alkaline cleaner. The pieces are then rinsed, erasing traces of residue. A coating that resists corrosion and protects the product is then applied to the surface.

2. Powder application

Single coat, dual coat (gel and topcoat) or dual coat (powder on powder) can be applied to parts and glazed with matte, textured, semi gloss or high gloss finishes.

3. Curing

In the final stage, freshly coated parts are heated to a hardened state to create an impact-, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant finish.

Powder Coating Abilities
Powder Coating Equipment

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