Having a Reliable Vendor Base Can Make or Break Your Business

vendor standards

We are registered as an ISO 9001:2015 company. This is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. We only use vendors who have the same level of certification. This gives our customers the security that every process in the fabrication of their part, in-house or otherwise, meets the same high level of quality. We verify that their certification is up to date and get a copy of it on file before we start a relationship.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Many industries, and sometimes specific companies, have very specific requirements that must be met for a particular fabrication process. The vendors we select must have the technical knowledge, expertise and equipment to match these rigorous requirements.

We value on-time delivery and, of course, the quality of the component. All incoming components are given a surveillance check in our quality department prior to being released into the next area of production.


We’ve found that working with companies who share our own corporate culture when it comes to communication works best. As most manufacturers can relate, communication between suppliers and customers is a foundation to collaborative success.

Keep It Local

Most of the specialist companies we use are located in Illinois or Wisconsin, but always in the United States. This not only keeps transit costs down, but allows us to rapidly react to changes in a customer’s order without tacking on too much additional time.

Relationships for The Long Haul

Many of the vendors we work with are people our team has worked with for many years. We enjoy working with all of our suppliers and love to support their community causes in any way we can. Networking through community outreach programs also give us opportunities to broaden our range of industry contacts.

We’re proud of our family of vendors and appreciate having teams we can depend on to help us give you the finest service possible time after time. We strive to build long-term relationships that create a seamless process from order to delivery.