Full Range of Fabrication Services Maintained During Pandemic

range of fabrication services

Deemed an essential business, we have continued to operate on our normal schedule during the COVID-19 crisis, sustaining our regular high standards for quality and on-time delivery. There are several factors that have allowed us to do so.

Local Supply Chain

We have not experienced any disruption to our supply of raw materials since we have always depended on suppliers located within the United States. This assures us of a consistent level of quality, fast delivery times and the ability to react quickly to unexpected changes in customer requirements. Needless to say, it also protects us from interruption in the global supply chain caused by political events, logistics breakdowns or health concerns.

Sustained Order Flow

Customers continue to utilize our services; we have received quite a few calls for assistance from businesses who have had their overseas supply line severed or new products to support the COVID-19 response.  While there has been a slight contraction, this has kept our work flow at a relatively even volume.

range of fabrication services

Continuous Employment

Our workers, with a steady stream of work (and income) have been able to maintain their skills at top performance levels, and have the piece of mind that comes with a regular paycheck. Your order has their full attention.

Safety First

We always operate at a heightened state of safety awareness. However, in addition to our usual operational safety protocols, a new set of safety procedures have been put into place due to the coronavirus. Each employee has a temperature check when they arrive for their shift, workstations have been rearranged to allow for proper social distancing where possible, and proper protective gear is available.

We are grateful that other industries are now starting to come back on line and that more workers can return to their jobs. Our hope is that we can all move forward in safety and begin rebuilding the country’s economy.

range of fabrication services