Tyler Ozga: One Talented Press Brake Operator

Tyler Ozga has been with Laser Precision since 2015, and in that time, he’s become a critical member of our press brake department. The strong work ethic he displays has been around since his high school days.

He started out working on a farm, then moved on to fast food. After graduating high school, Tyler spent a few years out in California where he worked as a supervisor in a warehouse for plant fertilizer. Eventually, he moved back home to help out with family, and that’s where Laser Precision entered the picture. A friend of his was working for us and suggested that he apply. Needless to say, he got the job. But it wasn’t just another gig on a list; it turned into a career that he’s passionate about.

Finding His Calling

Tyler joined us as a Press Brake Operator, a job title he still holds. He currently spends a lot of time producing PPAP (production part approval process) parts. He also uses the FAROArm to verify the quality of his parts and has been entrusted to verify parts produced by other members of his department as well. Or, as he puts it, he spends all day creating world-class, quality parts.

Never being someone who enjoyed sitting in front of a computer all day, one of the things that quickly made Tyler realize he enjoyed life as a press brake operator was finding joy in getting to work with his hands and create something. “Every part you make is like a puzzle, and then you figure out how the pieces fit together to get them to come into tolerance to produce a quality part.”

One of the things that Tyler enjoys most about figuring out how all the pieces fit into the puzzle is trouble-shooting any issues he runs into on the job. He enjoys knowing that he’s making it easier for someone else to make the part. Part of the job is running into all sorts of challenges, and he often has to think outside the box for new issues that arise from new parts.

Work to Be Proud Of

Tyler is proud of the trust that his superiors put in him. He’s even trained on machines that not many other people in the facility know how to use. He was trained on an older high tonnage Toyokoki press brake and was one of two people in the entire facility who knew how to use it. When it was sold and a newer Mitsubishi high tonnage model was brought in, he became one of two people who knew how to use that one as well.

He loves gaining knowledge, becoming a better operator and passing that knowledge on to others to increase his department’s productivity. These days, one of his favorite things is troubleshooting and working with the engineers in the quality control department.

This camaraderie is one of the things that he appreciates about working with us. “It’s pretty much like a family. It’s a fairly large company, but everyone still knows each other. Everyone helps each other out, and coming to work is like being with friends.”

Beyond the Shop

When he’s not busy at work, Tyler spends a lot of time fishing and swimming. In his opinion, the outdoors is the place to be. If he’s taking a vacation he’s probably headed to a beach or into the woods for camping. More lowkey weekend activities include barbequing, skateboarding and driving around. If that last one seems odd, allow us to clarify: he has a pretty sweet ‘95 Trans Am with only 18,000 miles on it, so it’s no surprise he delights in letting it stretch its legs.