Welding at Laser Precision: More Than a Job, It’s a Career

what we weld

A lot of what we make are small to medium size weldments that will undergo final assembly at our customers’ plants. These can be for agriculture, construction, defense, transportation or any of the other industries we support. Typically, we weld metal components that have been bulk cut on our laser machines and either press brake formed or machined. Welding is used to structurally join the components together or add other fabricated parts to complete the basic structure of the object. We also make frames out of tubing and enclose them with sheet metal. 

Actually, our welders can handle just about any metal to metal welding job. Each booth is stocked with both MIG and TIG units. MIG gives a high quality, structurally sound weld. TIG welding is used for precise control and leaves a more attractive finish. We also have equipment and certified operators for spot welding and “weld around” work like automatically joining a cylinder to a flat base.

Now that you have an idea of what we do in our Welding Department, how would becoming a member of it benefit you?

Advanced Welding Technology

If you are in a job now trying to lay down a perfect weld with old or worn out equipment, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see our state-of-the-art setup. We have 10 MIG and 9 TIG welding machines, not to mention various spot welders, plasma cutters and even a PA 350 Miller Robotic Welder. Our goal is to combine the speed of automation with the skill sets of hand welders to provide a complete range of welding services for our clients.

A Safe and Clean Work Environment

Our objective is to provide our operators with everything they need to do the best job they can in a safe and comfortable manner. Naturally, we have always made sure that each employee has the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety shoes, welding helmets, gloves, etc. You won’t be standing on a floor covered with 15 years of accumulated dirt and grime, either. We do our best to provide a clean and productive working environment.

Professional, but Personal Co-Workers

Our onboarding and training programs have resulted in a low turnover rate and outstanding performance on the floor. The result is a welding team that is highly skilled, motivated and quality-oriented. We’re growing fast, but working hard to retain the family feel of the company as we expand. There are no strangers on our shop floor. Everyone knows each other by their first name.

The Laser Precision Difference

Of course, our welders receive an industry competitive wage and benefit package including; vacation, holiday/sick time, health/dental/vision insurance, bonuses, and a 401K plan. But we don’t stop there. We offer programs that can lead to a better personal lifestyle. In-house classes are offered on budgeting, improving credit scores, how to buy a home in two years and how to purchase a car.A professional financial advisor comes to our location monthly to speak with our employees during lunch. One-on-one meetings can be requested to help individual workers with their specific financial situation.

We believe workers who have less stress in their personal life are more productive on the job. These are examples of how we try to make this happen. This attention to the personas well as the employeeis the true Laser Precision difference.

Where You Come In

Sound good? If you are a certified welder and would like to work with state-of-the art equipment in a clean, safe and friendly environment, please visit our careers page and review our current opportunities. We’d love show you around.